Clear T Gel is an acne gel available online in Kenya. This gel contains drug components that might have serious side effects, be informed of them before applying it for the first time.

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Clear T Gel in Kenya is a topical acne treatment containing the antibiotic clindamycin phosphate and Isotretinoin. Doctors usually prescribe topical clindamycin on it’s own or with combination with other acne drugs like Isotretinoin to treat severe cases of acne. This gel medication is effective, but in treat various forms of acne or such related skin diseases, but ePharmacy Kenya advices that you be aware of possible side effects, caused mostly by Isotretinoin especially teratogenicity: (Not to be used if you are planning to become, or are pregnant). This also applies to those breastfeeding. Those with an active sex life are advised to use contraceptives every time sexual activities are done, or planned.


Clindamycin works by killing bacteria that cause acne, and by decreasing the amount of free fatty acids that irritate the skin. Isotretinoin works by opening up the acne pores, and reduce the swelling.


To use Clear T in Kenya, clean and dry the affected areas of your skin, then apply a thin film of medicine twice a day, or as directed by your doctor. You can expect best results if you apply the gel at the same time each day and don’t miss any doses.

Possible Side Effects of Clear T Gel

  • Topical application may cause transitory stinging and a feeling of warmth and in normal use it produces some erythema and peeling similar to that of mild sunburn.
  • Sensitive individuals may experience oedema, blistering, and crusting of the skin.
  • Excessive application can cause severe erythema, peeling, and discomfort with no increase in efficacy
  • Photosensitivity may occur.
  • Temporary hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation have been reported.

N/B: The info above is meant for general overview of the product, for a detailed report kindly ask your dermatologist or pharmacist


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