Ginsomin Eve is for women who want to; improve physical and mental performance, get energy and vitality all day long, glowing skin, and healthy hair and nails.

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women today live hectic lifestyle and have to multitask effectively. Moreover, such hectic lifestyles often results in increased stress and unbalanced or unhealthy food habits. Many believe they can multitask effectively, but chronic stress and unhealthy food habits leads to changes which are not visible on a daily basis, but certainly start influencing in the long term. Some of the manifestations include weakness, fatigue, lack of vitality, anxiety, body aches and pains, dullness of skin, brittleness of the nails and appearance of early signs of aging (wrinkles). Hence, today’s multitasking women need a specialized supplement made specifically for their special needs.

Ginsomin Eve is a specially formulated supplements keeping up with the needs of today’s multitasking Kenyan women. Ginsomin Eve salutes you all, and the spirit of womanhood in Kenya.

What Does Ginsomin Eve Contain?

Ginsomin Eve is a special formula of Ginseng with essential micronutrients along with natural extracts like aloe vera extracts, green seed extracts, and horsetail extracts. It also contains evening primrose oil which is a source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid). All these ingredients together are beneficial to improving women health by boosting energy and vitality, provide glowing young skin, improve health of hair and nails, maintain hormonal balance and overall wellbeing. (to be continued…)


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