Kenya Drug Index Hard Copy Book 14th Edition

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The Kenya Drug Index Book is a reference for drug uses, indications, contraindications,  prices and many more details about various drugs available in Kenya.

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The Kenyan Drug Index Book is a pharmaceutical reference hard copy book (has also been made available online on and also as an Android App) that contains a wide spectrum of informative advice on prescription of drugs in Kenya  and their pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about many medicines available on the Kenya Essential Medicine List (KEML), including indication(s), side effects, contraindications, legal classification, doses, names and prices of available proprietary/original and generic formulations, and any other notable pharmaceutically relevant points. Nevertheless the drug index also includes entries for some medicines which are not available under the KEML and must be prescribed and/or bought privately.

This book is used by pharmacists and doctors (both general practitioners and specialist practitioners), and by other prescribing healthcare professionals in Kenya (such as nurses, pharmaceutical technologists, paramedics, and dentists) as a reference for correct dosage, indication, interactions and side effects of drugs. It is also used as a reassurance by those administering drugs in the Kenyan Health Sector, for example a nurse on a hospital ward, by Kenyan pharmacy students and even for patients and others seeking an authoritative source of advice on any aspect of pharmacotherapy.

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