Kaiyang’s electric wheelchair, designed for durability and user-friendly functionality, stands out as an excellent mobility solution in Kenya. Its robust A3 steel frame, waterproof commode board, and comfortable backrest ensure a reliable and comfortable experience for users. The wheelchair features quick-release handles for easy access and detachable components for convenient transport, addressing the specific needs of individuals in Kenya. With 8” front wheels and 20” rear castors, the wheelchair provides flexible steering and enhanced shock absorption, ideal for navigating varied terrains in the Kenyan context. The smart controller, developed with the China Academy of Science, offers precision control and various functions, catering to different user habits in Kenya. The low-power consumption motors and long-lasting battery empower the wheelchair to cover a 20km range, making it well-suited for daily mobility needs in Kenya, including tackling slopes with safety features. In summary, Kaiyang’s electric wheelchair combines functionality, comfort, and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for users in Kenya seeking reliable and convenient mobility assistance.

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