Xpower Coffee for Men | BF SUMA FERTILITY PRODUCT – 8 Sachets


? Enhance libido, relieve fatigue and stress and promote erection
? Improve sexual performance, nourish prostate
? Promote blood circulation, improve body vitality

BF Suma XPower Coffee in Kenya is formulated with Maca, Epimedium, and Tongkat Ali and Gingseng is a super drink allowing you to boost your energy, enhance your sexual performance and improve sperm quality with only a cup of coffee every day.
As known that Epimedium, Maca and Tongkat Ali are some of the most powerful supplements for men. To make it even better, BF Suma also combines Gingseng to enhance the benefits of those three supplements. Read More

DOSAGE: Dissolve in Glass of water 180mls and drink

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