Hair and nails are vital parts of the body, and key determinants of good health. Hair loss or brittle fingernails are signs that all isn’t well with one’s health. That’s why one might need nail and hair vitamins in Kenya to keep their fingernails and hair strands healthy. Neglecting these parts of the body might lead to more serious health problems. For instance, one’s hair may start to thin or even turn brownish. While keeping hair and nails clean is part of the care they need, it pays to take a vitamin for healthy hair and nails.

Our bodies absorb nutrients from the food we take, and each part of the body needs some specific types of nutrients to remain healthy. When the body lacks some vital nutrients, one can easily notice from the fingernails or hair strands. On this note, the body should be able to take in the nutrients it gets from the food one eats. Failure to do so, the nutrients from internal resources will be used up and the lack reflected on the skin, hair, or fingernails. For one to maintain healthy nails and hair strands, they need to take food rich in certain vitamins.

Some of these Nail and Hair Vitamins in Kenya include vitamin A (nourishes the scalp with healthy sebum), vitamin E (Improves blood circulation in the scalp and improves skin and nails health), vitamin C (creates hair collagen), vitamin B6 and B12 both which prevent hair loss and graying, and Inositol (keeps the hair follicles strong and healthy). All these nutrients and vitamins are derived from the food we eat daily. Some of these foods include green vegetables, fruits such as pineapples, citrus fruits, and kiwi, soybean, raw seeds, and whole grains. Don’t forget that your body also needs proteins and minerals like Zinc to remain healthy.

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