Medicines are very important in curing or preventing diseases and improving the quality of lives. They are responsible component of the health system that enable health worker to cure many health problems and save lives. Millions of sick people Have listed their lives due to reducing access to health care and medicines. Therefore, drugs should be accessible to all the citizens of a country. Whereas, most developing countries like Kenya have faced severe high prices of medicines, which leads to inaccessibility by most of the citizens. Shortly in this article, we are going to look into some medicine prices in Kenya.

According to research, one-third of the world’s population suffers from medicine and treatment inaccessibility due to high prices. As a developing country, Kenya citizens also suffer from these high prices of drugs and medicines, which has led to the death of many sick people. The Inaccessibility of medicines causes 27 % of reported death cases of patients suffering from non-communicable diseases by low-income citizens. All thanks to Novartis (a pharmaceutical company), all low and middle-income patients can access medicine for non-communicable conditions at a wholesale price of Sh150 per month through their Norvatis Access Kenya program.

NextBillion: Drug Prices in Kenya Sickeningly Expensive

For anti-malarial treatments, Kenya’s health system offers free or low-cost medicines to its citizens. Although most citizens prefer to buy drugs from private retail pharmacies through their various insurance companies, with this improvement, low-income citizens can now access antimalarial treatments for as low as Sh20 per dose. For communicable diseases like measles, the public health facilities offer free vaccination to cure the disease in children less than five years. Typhoid fever medicines will cost a patient Sh50, antibacterial medication such as Amoxicillin costs Sh20, 500mg Ciprofloxacin with 10 tablets costs about Sh100, Augmentin medicine costs ranges between Sh1200 to Sh1300, imported medications for pimples and acne could cost Sh800, 20mg pack of 28 Omeprazole capsules cost Sh300. Annual hypertension treatment could cost Sh2,766, also dialysis for chronic kidney disease cost about Sh199,393. We hope this article was helpful in your quest to know medicine prices in Kenya.

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