MICROGYNON 30 – 21 tabs


MICROGYNON contains two hormone used for contraception. It is a Combined oral contraceptives containing both an oestrogen and a progestogen hence the most effective type of oral contraceptive for general use. MICROGYNON tablets are taken for 21 days followed by an interval of 7 days break when menstrual bleeding will occur. MICROGYNON FE preparations include 21 active tablets plus 7 inert tablets containing Folic acid to remove the need for counting days.

Overall evidence indicates that combined oral contraceptives exert a protective effect against the development of endometrial and ovarian cancer. However, there is a small increase in risk of breast cancer during use and for 10 years after discontinuation. In addition, there does appear to be a slight risk of cervical cancer with the prolonged use of combined oral contraceptives and a negligible risk of liver cancer.

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