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How to use Podosal: A corn ring should be applied around the wart or a layer of vaseline applied around the healthy skin near the wart to protect it from the treatment. Then the podosal is then applied to the exposed wart, in the most minimal quantities, with extra care to avoid contact with the healthy skin. After application, the wart – especially those on non-genital areas – should be covered with a plaster, with the plaster being changed daily. Once the wart becomes soft, it should be left exposed and allowed to drop off. If the wart remains the procedure should be repeated as below

Plantar Warts: 3 times weekly

Anogenital warts: once weekly

Podophyllum resin has an antimitotic action and is used principally as a topical treatment for anogenital warts (condylomata acuminata). It is applied, left on the warts for 1 to 6 hours, and then washed off. This procedure is carried out once a week and, if unsuccessful after about 6 weeks, an alternative treatment should be tried. A preparation containing podophyllotoxin 0.5% in alcohol or alcoholic gel, or a 0.15% podophyllotoxin cream is used similarly. They are applied twice daily for 3 days but not washed off. Treatment may be repeated at weekly intervals for up to a total of 5 weeks of treatment. Podophyllum resin has been used on external genital, perianal, and intra-meatal warts in Kenya, but should not be used on cervical or urethral warts. Only a small area or number of warts should be treated at any one time. Care must be taken to avoid application to healthy tissue. Podophyllum resin is also used with other keratolytics for the removal of plantar warts.

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  1. annbrenda


  2. Juma

    pLease help me i had used alot of podosal paint on my genital warts and know im experiencing alot of burns

  3. Getrude

    Please help me I have used large amount of podosal paint am having some burning pains what should I do

  4. Getrude

    Hi what will I do after using alot of podosal paint and i am experiencing savere burning

  5. Maxwell

    Podosol is good when you apply small amount on the wart and washing after 2hrs…it has been effective for me….warts cleared on the first week of applying but recurred after 3months..applied the same and they never recurred again.

  6. Cathrine

    Experiencing burns what should i do so that it stops from burning and redness

    • admin

      Hi, please wash it off with water. Always apply the most minimal of quantities and protect the surrounding areas with petrolium jelly


    Please I need podosal paint in Ghana

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