When it comes to skincare products, there’s so much the market has to offer. In most cases, you’ll be talking about lotions or skin care creams in Kenya. While there’s so much to choose from, it might be daunting to get the perfect product for your skin. We’ve got several lotions and skin care creams designed to treat different skin ailments, and sometimes it takes the advice of a health expert to get the right one. So, between lotions and skin care creams, which form of a skincare product is better? Like everyone else, you might want to know this.

Well, there isn’t a definite answer to this. It all depends on personal choice and preference. What matters most is the content of the given product. Sometimes best skin care lotion products may contain the same ingredients as a skincare cream, and so, they end up delivering the same results. Even so, you should note the difference between a lotion and a cream. Typically, creams are much easier to apply than lotions, and that makes them more popular than lotions if the skin care product needs to stay a little longer. Additionally, people prefer non-greasy creams to the greasy ones as they’re easier to apply.

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In most cases, skin care creams products in Kenya are used for skin moisturizing rather than toning or cleansing. Those out for skin toning would prefer lotions to skincare creams. Since lotions are mostly available in liquid form, they form the best toners or cleansers. While some skin care creams in Kenya can still be used for skin toning, lotions carry the day. Most skin care creams are designed for dry and sensitive skins, but we still have a few creams spared for oily skins. For instance, products like vitamin A creams and sulphur creams are meant for oily skins as they minimize sebum production in a localized area.

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