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In the medical field, professional there are exposed to several diseases some of which are life threatening. It just takes a small twitch of the finger to make an incision on the doctor’s finger which can lead to the acquiring of the HIV Virus. Sometimes you might not know what the patient is suffering from, and before you know it you have Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) or such like novel disease. Trauma can happen, especially if someone you loved dies under your care. All these are scenarios in the medical field that can change a person’s life completely. At times recovering from these things takes time; sometimes it might take your life. Whichever it maybe be, medical professionals in Kenya should reconsider their current health insurance coverage in Kenya.

Just because someone is a nurse, it does not mean that they cannot be involved in an accident that will leave them disabled for life. It is just bad luck, but you can ease the pain by acquiring a Total and Permanent Disability insurance cover in Kenya. This plan ensures that life still continues as normal, bills will be paid, and debts settled. This leaves the injured person in a comfort zone and focus on stepping up the rehabilitation process.

Blood borne diseases like Hepatitis are common with the Laboratory Scientist. This group of medical professionals comes into direct contact with numerous agents that cause disease. In diagnosis, one must conclusively isolate and identify the causative agents. By doing so, they must come into close contact with the agent. Health insurance coverage in Kenya is important in such situations because you will never know what the next agent inhaled might be. With Life Insurance, you do not have to worry about how or when the worst will happen. All you will have to worry about is your job, and how to do it perfectly.

These accidents can mean that someone might be barred from practicing in any medical profession again. This is because with the disease, the medical practitioner now poses more danger to the patients. However, some companies provide up to or above Ksh4,000,000 of benefits when this happens. Such huge benefits mean that the person can shift onto a new business venture and continue providing for his or her family. Occupational acquired diseases are covered by various companies under different policies. The length and amount of cover divers from profession to profession, with the highest at risk being given higher plans.

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Besides work related claims, medical professional can still sign up for other insurance plans apart from health insurance coverage in Kenya. Income Protection, Mortgage Protection, Child Benefits, Trauma Insurance are just some of those. Coverage under the medical field is very complex, but you can use quotes from insurance companies in Kenya to help in selecting the best option for you. Primarily, the covers will also be dictated by the age of the applicant. Still, some covers are meant for a certain amount of wages. Insurance has grown over the years in Kenya and is currently on an entire new platform providing people with huge benefits. Life Insurance is one of those, which can come as a package covering various other areas of life especially after the COVID 19 pandemic.

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