Insurance Medicine


In the medical field, professional there are exposed to several diseases some of which are life threatening. It just takes a small twitch of the finger to make an incision on the doctor’s finger which can lead to the acquiring of the HIV Virus. Sometimes you might not know what the patient is suffering from, and before you know it you have Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) or such like novel disease. Trauma can happen, especially if someone you loved dies under your care. All these are scenarios in the…

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Insurance companies in Kenya for Rural Farmers

Rural Kenya has limited supply of the essential components that make life worth living like hospitals. This means that people can die anytime just because they could not get the much-needed medical care. This can be worse if the person who dies is the breadwinner of the family. Farming and agriculture caters for a huge percentage of the country’s annual income. Despite this, the rural regions have not been supplied with sufficient insurance companies in Kenya to help make life much simpler. When the breadwinner dies, the bills will not…

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