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Infants Overheating: Signs and Symptoms of Fever

Keeping babies warm is important in every home, but it can be a disaster of its on if not carefully monitored. This article takes a look at how infants overheating can be a cause of sudden deaths. It is not new that heat can kill and thus babies are more vulnerable. It is clear that too much of something is poisonous and so is heat. There are numerous things that can raise the temperatures of an infant ranging from being left in a parked car to being covered excessively in warm clothing. Here is how to know if a baby is overheating.

  • Heat exhaustion– it is the first sign that a baby is being affected by heat. This can be clear if he is very thirsty or the skin is moist and cool.
  • Over 39 degrees Celsius – if this happens, but the baby is not sweating then it’s more likely that he is overheating.
  • Unusually red and dry skin – overheating causes blood to move faster and in large amounts.  Dry skin means the baby is not sweating and that’s even riskier.
  • Rapid pulses – feel the pulse and observe if it is normal or faster. The latter may mean the baby is overheating. This is mostly accompanied by rapid shallow breathing.
  • Headache – this makes the baby irritable and may complain if he’s old enough besides being confused when talked to.
  • Vomiting– abrupt vomiting which results in dehydration is common in kids experiencing heat stroke.
  • Lethargy – a baby may not respond actively when being called or tickled on the skin.

There are numerous signs of heat stroke or infants overheating that may be exhibited by a baby. If you notice any of the signs, then undress the baby in some shade and call for an ambulance. It is also advisable to fan him with a magazine to create some coolness when waiting for the ambulance. However, preventing infants overheating is not a big issue. Dress them in light clothing, avoid leaving them in parked cars, keep monitoring them for any signs of heat exhaustion and avoid dressing them in fitting clothes.


Monitoring the temperature of babies is very important to avoid sudden deaths. It is advisable to check to out for overheating signs and prevent progress as fast as possible. We will tell you more in this post.

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